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Activated Aquarium Carbon

Tri-Based Aquarium Carbon Pellets
Tri Based Pelletized Aquarium Carbon Pellets

     The ultimate activated aquarium carbon solution. Space engineered Tri Based Pelletized Carbon lasts longer, contains outstanding surface area, and currently being used in the Military. This breakthrough in activated aquarium carbon technology has aquarium owners quite satisfied with the results. One of the three types of activated aquarium carbon pellets contained in the Tri Base is a uniquely structured form of carbon that, when used in conjunction with Right Now! Bacteria allows this marine aquarium bacteria to complete the nitrogen cycle aerobically.

Aquarium Carbon Filter Media

     The Tri Based Pelletized activated aquarium carbon filter media has a stretched absorption range capable of adsorbing a wide range of pollutants. Large aquarium carbon filter media pellet size allows it to be used in any kind of filter without clogging plastic screens, nor restricting or channeling water flow. This remarkable aquarium carbon filter media pellets are for use in all filters including the new Red Torpedo canister aquarium filter, which has been specifically designed for this aquarium carbon filter media pellets.

Aquarium Carbon

     The available aquarium carbon source area in this fish tank carbon ensures the aerobic reduction of nitrates, phosphates and potash from your aquarium, exceeding the expectations of normal aquarium carbon, when used with Right Now! Bacteria. Tri Pelletized aquarium carbon pellets is the best bacteria bed on the market. Tri Base Pelletized aquarium carbon is an extremely high grade activated fish tank carbon ideal for sensitive species, and highly recommended for reef and non-reef systems. Tri Based fish tank carbon pellets reduces unwanted contaminants and removes deadly pollutants from aquarium water.

Canister Aquarium Filter Media

     The Red Torpedo canister aquarium filter has been made specifically for the Tri Base aquarium filter media. Durable, yet lightweight canister aquarium filter designed to maximize capacity with large hose size connections to maximize water flow. Add Tri Based aquarium filter media pellets to your Red Torpedo canister aquarium filter, and also add Right Now! Bacteria to achieve the 24 hour nitrogen cycle. The Tri Base aquarium filter media is shipped fluffy and dry with no water added for weight. Our canister aquarium filter may be filled with the Tri Based aquarium filter media and or pH Rock at no additional cost. The Red Torpedo canister aquarium filter makes aquarium maintenance easy with back flushing. The aquarium filter media can be cleaned in 60 seconds, without taking apart the unit. This canister aquarium filter is for use in freshwater & salt water aquariums, reef and pond systems.

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The Tri Base Carbon holds three different carbons in every single pellet, and is used in high techno­logy applications


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Right Now! is labora­tory proven to reduce Nitrates Aerobically, the only product on the market to do so


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pH Rock is the safe and simple way to buffer your pH


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Various sizes for any size pond or aquarium up to 900 gallons! Durable yet lightweight fish tank canister filters designed to maximi­ze capacity