Activated Aquarium Carbon

Activated Aquarium Carbon
Tri Based Pelletized Carbon

Tri Base Pelletized Carbon®

Freshwater & Saltwater Aquariums

     Our activated Tri Base Pelletized Carbon contains three different carbons in every single pellet and is used in High Technology Applications.

     One of the three types of carbon contained in the Tri Base is a uniquely structured form of carbon that, if used in conjunction with Right Now! Bacteria allows this bacteria to complete the nitrogen cycle aerobically.

     The Tri Base activated aquarium carbon pellets reduces unwanted contaminants and removes deadly pollutants from aquarium water.

     The Tri Base pellets have a stretched absorption range capable of adsorbing an enormous range of pollutants. This breakthrough in aquarium carbon technology is the best activated aquarium carbon for freshwater, saltwater, reef and pond systems.

     This activated aquarium carbon is used in Medical, Industrial, Environmental, Military, Laboratory and Home applications and is by far the most efficient activated aquarium carbon. May be cleaned with Unstuck.

Aquarium Carbon Filter Media

     Tri-Base aquarium carbon filter media does the following for your aquarium:

  • Removes deadly pollutants & toxins from the aquarium water
  • Adsorbs all fish odors, improves water quality & removes yellow tinted water so fish can live a healthy life
  • 24 hour cycling for a TOTAL CYCLE INSTEAD OF A PARTIAL CYCLE
  • High capacity allows for smaller amounts to be used in the filter, which is ideal especially when filter size is limited
  • Because of the high surface area, this aquarium carbon filter media is able to last longer which makes its much more cost effective than other carbons
  • The AVAILABLE carbon source in this aquarium carbon filter media ensures the AEROBIC REDUCTION of nitrates, phosphates and potash from your aquarium when used with the Right Now! Bacteria
  • Unlike aquarium bio balls which have 100 square feet per cubic foot, or sand and other media that has 190 meters squared per gram, TBPC has a surface area of 1150 meters squared per gram which is about 10 square miles of surface area. This surface area allows a huge bacterial platform to form a massive biological filter
  • The unique manufacturing process creates a very broad Angstrom range, enabling it to adsorb numerous chemicals from air and water. Contact us for a complete list.

Aquarium Carbon

Aquarium Carbon

     This activated aquarium carbon is shipped fluffy and dry with no water for for weight. Large activated aquarium carbon pellets allows it it be used in any aquarium carbon water filtration system, especially the Red Torpedo. Hard pellets do not turn to mush and flow down the drain into the aquarium, or clog the aquarium carbon filter with fines. Our aquarium carbon is highly recommended for reef and non reef systems and is ideal for sensitive species.

1 Pound $7.95
5 Pounds $29.95
10 Pounds $49.95
55 Pounds $289.95 FREE shipping

Important Note: This potent Tri Base Carbon MUST be soaked for 3 days prior to use. Add only ½ LB per day. The correct amount of the carbon is: 0.1667 X tank size = LBS of carbon.

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