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aquarium supplies

     We offer a wide selection of high quality aquarium supplies. We supply only the best aquarium supplies to aquarium hobbyists worldwide. Whether its freshwater aquarium supplies or saltwater aquarium supplies, we provide for all fish tank enthusiasts. We provide excellent customer service for all when it comes to our state of the art aquarium supplies. We carry all of HDL's most popular aquarium fish supplies at competitive prices on our web site. Below is a short list of a few of the attractive aquarium supplies with links to the aquarium products pages we offer here at Please feel free to send us an email, asking about special shipping requests and we will be glad to assist you. Remember the prices, and the quality of our aquarium supplies online keep our customers coming back. These ARE the best aquarium supplies available on the web, you will not be disappointed.

Aquarium Supplies
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pH Adjustment Rock - For fresh and saltwater aquariums, contains 28 trace elements excluding strontium, with plenty of CaCO3 and MgCO3 for all aquatic corals. pH Adjustment Rock

Hiatt's Tri Based Pelletized Carbon - Activated aquarium carbon contains three different carbons in each pellet, used in high technology application, for use in all filters, TBPC is known to last 5 years! Tri Base Pelletized Carbon

Red Torpedo - New filter system! Easy Set-Up, Easy Clean-Up. Durable yet lightweight aquarium filter tank designed for any size aquarium up to 300 gallons! Red Torpedo aquarium filter

Right Now! Bacteria - Revolutionary aquarium bacteria cycles your aquarium aerobically in 24 when used as directed, laboratory proven to reduce nitrates aerobically. Right Now Bacteria

Pure Magic - It's about time us aquarium keepers can use ONE product to remove 30 organic and chemical contaminates. PURE MAGIC will also eliminate deadly eutrophication. Deadly Eutrophication can be controlled by these dynamic aquarium products only manufactured by HDL. Pure Magic

Super Green Water Phytoplankton - Phytoplankton for ALL types of corals and filter feeders. Tired of wasting your money for 4 or 5 different coral food supplies? Why clutter the refrigerator with different bottles when HDL's Super Green Water Phytoplankton supplies the necessary supplements, for excellent coral growth. Refrigeration will extend SGWP life. We have saved several types of corals which seemed doomed. No unpleasant odor. Super Green Water Phytoplankton

Chloradsorb - It is recommended that you test for ammonia once a month. If your test kit shows even the slightest bit of ammonia at all, no problem our product will remove it. If you're having a fish tank ammonia problem and you have fish tank ammonia levels use Chloradsorb. Saltwater aquarium ammonia and freshwater aquarium ammonia can be eliminated in seconds with our fish tank ammonia removal product. Chloradsorb

Metal Gone - Metal Gone will expunge up to 5 times the ammonium from freshwater than some adsorbents. It greatly lowers nitrites and nitrates in fresh water. Metal Gone is used by countless hobbyists in the aquarium trade to adsorb phosphorous to reduce algae in ponds and aquariums. Metal Gone

Coral Stem - Coral stimulant feeds coral and live rock. If your corals and live rock are tucked away, simply add coral stimulant and be amazed as they come alive! Coral Stimulant

Aquarium Sparkling Aqua - Salt and freshwater phosphate reducer. Makes aquarium water crystal clear Removes suspended solids, Removes dissolved solids, Phosphate FREE, Removes Phosphates Contains electrolytes for better fish and invertebrate health, Reduces slime, and unsightly hair algae growth, Freshwater, saltwater, reef tanks and ponds. Aquarium Sparkling Aqua

Unstuck - Aquarium carbon cleaning has never been easier with Unstuck, the aquarium carbon cleaning product. Unstuck will unclog the Tri Based Carbon. Unstuck

Black Beauty Pre Filter - We now carry the Black Beauty canister pre filter that is revolutionizing aquarium maintenance, making it simple and easy. This excellent new aquarium pre filter is making aquarium keeping a luxury instead of a routine burden. The Black Beauty fish tank prefilter gets hooked on before the Red Torpedo canister aquarium filter and accumulates all the nasty sludge, excess food and fish waste making this aquarium canister pre filter a must have for all aquarium keepers. Black Beauty Aquarium Canister Pre Filter

Freshwater Aquatic Plant Trace Element - Freshwater Plant Trace Element is a must have for freshwater plant growth in planted aquariums. Safe for all fresh water aquariums and ponds. A positive response to your plants will be seen in less than one week. Contain 21 micro elements needed for plant growth. Fresh Water Plant Trace Elements

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