Aquarium Sparkling Aqua


     Phosphates are substances containing phosphorus and oxygen. Phosphates are nutrients found commonly in nature and also in products we put in our fish tanks. The more aquarium phosphates in your aquarium means more algae in your fish tank. We don't want algae in our aquariums so that's why smart aquarist's routinely tend to limit phosphate levels. We use Aquarium Sparkling Aqua, the salt and freshwater phosphate reducer.

     Testing for phosphate in your aquarium is recommended. Just like ammonia, nitrite and nitrate the aquarium phosphate levels ppm should be 0. Since phosphate is forevermore being added to the aquarium from tap water, fish food, and is being produced by living creatures, keeping phosphates down may be difficult. When testing, it's recommended that phosphate levels should be unreadable, so if your test kit shows any phosphate at all, without a doubt, you have too much.

     Prevention is always key, the best way to adjust phosphate in your aquarium is to restrict the amount of phosphates that get into the aquarium. Use our aquarium phosphate remover, Aquarium Sparkling Aqua. Try not to over feed as this introduces phosphates into the aquarium, and if your fish tank has really high levels of phosphate, perform a 20% water change each day using purified tap water and Aquarium Sparkling Aqua.

     Aquarium Sparkling Aqua is a casual process, so it will not shock your aquarium fish. For best results, use with Tri Based Carbon, Chloradsorb and Right Now! Bacteria.

  • Makes aquarium water crystal clear
  • Removes suspended solids
  • Removes dissolved solids
  • Phosphate FREE
  • Removes Phosphates
  • Contains electrolytes for better fish and invertebrate health
  • Reduces slime, and unsightly hair algae growth
  • Freshwater, saltwater, reef tanks and ponds
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