Even the best equipped aquarium will decline if left alone for too long. Maintaining water quality is the most important thing an aquarium fish keeper can do to insure a healthy aquarium environment. Ammonia is produced by fish and invertebrate waste. Uneaten food and organic materials are broken down by bacteria. All these things introduce ammonia into your aquarium. It is recommended that you test for ammonia once a month. If your test kit shows even the slightest bit of ammonia at all, no problem our product will remove it.

     Some tips to lower ammonia in your fish tank is to reduce feeding, don't over feed, clean all filters removing clogs, add Right Now! Bacteria, and do a twenty percent water change to reduce ammonia concentration levels. The best way to correct an ammonia problem is to not let it occur in the first place, by taking all reasonable actions above to insure your aquarium is ammonia free.

     If you're having a fish tank ammonia problem and you have fish tank ammonia levels use Chloradsorb. Saltwater aquarium ammonia and freshwater aquarium ammonia can be eliminated in seconds with our fish tank ammonia removal product.

  • Eliminates Ammonia in seconds
  • Eliminates Chlorine in seconds
  • Eliminates the deadly Chloramine bond
  • Nullifies highly lethal metals
  • Removes Copper
  • For Salt, Fresh, Brackish water and Ponds
  • Allows fish to secrete protective coating
  • May be used while fish are present in the aquarium
  • Contains vital electrolytes
Chloradsorb 4 oz $4.99
Chloradsorb 16 oz Treats 840 gallons $12.95
Chloradsorb 1 Gallon Dry Treats 7,680 gallons each $29.95
Chloradsorb 5 Gallon Dry Treats 38,400 gallons each $134.95 FREE shipping included




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