Coral Stimulant


     Coral Stimulant is a new product that we carry that makes corals blooms come alive. This coral stimulant product aids in healthy and pretty corals. It has been carefully blended in a liquid concentrated for your convenience. Coral stimulant feeds coral and live rock. If your corals and live rock are tucked away, simply add coral stimulant and be amazed as they come alive!

  • Safe for use on all types of corals
  • Excites all corals even hard to feed and stubborn corals
  • To use, just pour it in
  • Eliminates nitrites, nitrates & ammonia
  • Eliminates deadly eutrophication
  • Contains 40+ trace element for happy coral
Coral Stimulant
4 oz $8.95

Coral Stimulant
8 oz $12.99

Coral Stimulant
16 oz $23.95

Coral Stimulant 1 gallon
$199.99 FREE shipping included









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