Instant Ammonia Destroyer


     Instant Ammonia Destroyer is perfect for transporting, shipping and receiving of tropical fish & invertebrates, as well as in emergency situations. Our aquarium ammonia remover should be used when aquarium ammonia levels in the water threaten to kill fish and need to be removed quickly.

     Instant Ammonia Destroyer will drastically reduce fish loss. If your having a fish tank ammonia problem and have high fish tank ammonia levels, our aquarium ammonia removal will solve your problems. Our fish tank ammonia removal product is ideal for tropical fish shipping supplies.

  • Instant Ammonia Destroyer removes ammonia in 5 - 15 seconds
  • Exceedingly reduces fish death in shipping and receiving
  • Must have tropical fish shipping supplies
  • Relieves fish and invertebrates of stress
  • For freshwater, saltwater and brackish
  • Contains electrolytes so fish can secrete slime coat protection
  • Nullifies toxic & dangerous heavy metals
  • Fish may be packed tighter for lower freight costs
  • Use in water above pH 7, when ammonia is toxic
1 Pound $34.95
10 pounds $219.99
FREE shipping included
50 pounds $579.99
FREE shipping included



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