Metal Gone Fresh & Salt Water


     Maintaining tropical fish has always been difficult for many aquarium owners. The great amount of heavy metals found in common drinking water is what contributes to many unexplained fish deaths. This heavy metal dilemma in aquarium and pond water has never been appropriately approached. Many people have turned to Metal Gone, an african mineral, to solve this problem in fresh and saltwater aquariums.

     Metal Gone has been proven to be a perfect filter additive for breeders of delicate species like discus, apistogramma and wild bettas. Furthermore, it is excellent for hatching elegant reptile and amphibian species such as the poison arrow frog.

     Metal Gone will expunge up to 5 times the ammonium from freshwater than some adsorbents. It greatly lowers nitrites and nitrates in fresh water.

     Metal Gone is used by countless hobbyists in the aquarium trade to adsorb phosphorous to reduce algae in ponds and aquariums.

     Our fish tank heavy metal remover will give you super clean aquarium water. This aquarium heavy metal remover fits all makes of aquarium filters. Metal Gone, the fish tank heavy metal remover, removes poly valent cations from aquarium water

  • Eliminates serious toxic metals to safeguard fish and invertebrate well being
  • Destroys phosphorous and other risky metals for invertebrate wellness
  • Reduces aluminum, calcium, phosphates, lead, copper, iron ,zinc for a total of 29 metals
  • Will turn your bad water quality into a lively aquarium environment
  • May be used as a non medical treatment additive for your fish tank
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