Black Beauty Pre Filter


     We now carry the Black Beauty canister pre filter that is revolutionizing aquarium maintenance, making it simple and easy.

     This excellent new aquarium pre filter is making aquarium keeping a luxury instead of a routine burden.

     The Black Beauty fish tank prefilter gets hooked on before the Red Torpedo canister aquarium filter and accumulates all the nasty sludge, excess food and fish waste making this aquarium canister pre filter a must have for all aquarium keepers.

     To clean the aquarium pre filter, rinse off in the sink, a fast and effective way of keeping your aquarium looking resplendent. Our fish tank pre filter will reduce the large Red Torpedo cleaning by 30 percent.

     By using the Black Beauty fish tank pre filter you will be keeping your aquarium dazzling while ingeniously extending the life of your aquarium filter media.

  • 1 inch threads in and out
  • Compatible with the Red Torpedo canister filters
  • No trouble to clean
  • Aquarium canister pre filter
Aquarium Pre Filter $39.99


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