Marine Aquarium Bacteria

Marine Aquarium Bacteria
Right Now! marine aquarium bacteria

Revolutionary marine aquarium bacteria

The new 24 hour TOTALLY AEROBIC nitrification cycle that keeps fish alive!

     Unlike other bacteria on the market, US and Foreign patented Right Now! Bacteria makes aquarium keeping a very pleasurable experience. With this marine aquarium bacteria, you may set up your tank in ONE DAY. You no longer have to wait 4 to 6 weeks to cycle your aquarium.

     Our marine aquarium bacteria is laboratory proven to reduce nitrates aerobically, the only product on the market to do so. Right Now! Bacteria reduces and destroys nitrates, phosphates and potash AEROBICALLY for that picturesque aquarium that everyone loves look at. Safe for reef and non reef aquariums.

  • Establishes the total nitrogen cycle in one day
  • Breaks down and eliminates nitrates, phosphates and potash AEROBICALLY for a crystal clear aquarium
  • Consumes sludge and fish waste
  • Eliminates those bothersome protein bubbles on top of your aquarium water
  • Makes aquarium maintenance simple, no matter your experience level
  • Depletes fish oil on the aquarium water's surface for better oxygen exchange
  • Reduces deadly eutrophication so your aquarium fish and invertebrates may live safely without danger in your aquarium
  • Bio resistant to Copper and other heavy metals found in the aquarium water
  • Malachite Green or Copper will not kill Right Now! Bacteria nor upset the new nitrogen cycle

     With our marine aquarium bacteria, no refrigeration is necessary. When stored correctly, it has a 5 year shelf life. Right Now! only needs to be used once. No water added for weight, costs less to ship. Aquarium keepers who bought Right Now! Bacteria have also bought Tri Base Pelletized Carbon for aerobic nitrate reduction, 24 hour cycling and a permanent bio platform. The Right Now! Bacteria and Tri Base Pelletized Carbon together are the ideal filtration to maintain delicate invertebrate and fish species in your aquariums.

25 gal Fresh $7
25 gal Salt $7
(2 bottles) 60 gal Fresh $18.95 Free Shipping
(2 bottles) 60 gal Salt $18.95 Free Shipping
1lb Fresh $119.95 Free Shipping
1lb Salt $129.95 Free Shipping

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